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Marta is a Shadow Worker, Biodecoding Coach, Transgerenational Therapist and a Spiritual Teacher, with a Naturopathic background.


Since a very young age, it was always clear to her that everything is connected (body, mind, emotions and energy). One of the first books that would inspire her, that would connect these concepts, was "You can heal your life", by one of the founders of the self-help movement, Louise L. Hay. Marta was always interested in spiritual growth. And once she got into the path of Holistic Therapist, she found that true healing comes through authenticity and through integrating our shadows and our pain.

We tend to minimize negative things that happen to us, especially the painful emotions that we feel, saying that this is not that important. But for how long have you had back pain?, why after 10 years you still keep attracting partners who don't commit?. Our bodies don't lie, and neither our current reality. We need to be honest with ourselves and with what we truly feel. We've been diminishing our feelings, experiencies, situations during all this time. We've been avoiding them, resisting to them. And precisely because of this, our health doesn't improve, our reality doesn't get better. It's time to listen to ourselves, to feel our emotions and our pain. It's time to be who we really are.

About her work: She started her work as a Naturopath in 2013, after she graduated in Barcelona (Spain), where she's originally from. This would include her Naturopathic Consultations in Shawlands (Glasgow), where she had the honour to offer them, right where the renowned Naturopath, Jan de Vries, used to offer his. But after integrating and practicing other therapies (like the Neuroplasticity of the Nervous System and its relation with trauma; with Nervous System specialist and Somatic Neuroplasticity Expert, Irene Lyon), and studying and applying other concepts in her own life (such as Law of Attraction and the work on the shadows), and her own healing journey, she decided to focus her consultations on Shadow Work, Biodecoding and Transgenerational. These therapies allow us to get to the root of our illness and our pain. And once we understand the messages that our bodies and/or our shadows have for us, we truly connect with ourselves and with our own healing powers. It’s then when real healing takes place. And it’s this what lasts forever.


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She also works with the LGBTQ+ community, because she knows from experience that sometimes it's easier working/connecting/feeling fully accepted with someone who is in this path, than with someone who is not.

It’s crucial to approach any situation in life from a Holistic perspective. Therefore, considering all our aspects (physical and non-physical; conscious and unconscious). Everything plays a role in our lives. It’s like pieces of a puzzle that, together, make what we call "us". So all parts are important and need to be listened to.

We need to accept, to understand (and ultimately to love) all aspects of ourselves, including our shadows and our pain. By doing that, we can truly accept, understand (and ultimately love) all aspects of the others, that are nothing else but ourselves. They are our projection in this Multidimensional Universe.

They are the reflection of the vibrational energy sequences of the thoughts (beliefs), emotions and actions (altogether) that we are sending out. And so are our bodies and anything that is part of our life. What we're doing vibrationally speaking, will always lead to a manifestation in the "real" 3D world. It can be in a form of an emotion or in something more tangible.

In other words, whatever it is that you are experiencing in your life right now, is a match to your own frequency. And so as most of you probably know, you create your own "reality". But this is not only coming from you. Our ancestors play a role in our lives too, and we might be loyal to some patterns in our family tree from this unconscious level.

The more in touch you are with your emotions and your body, the more aware you'll be of both: what you're doing in the energy field, and which probable outcome it'll have. When working with Marta, you'll be able to understand why any situation in your life is happening and how you are creating (or re-creating) it.

And therefore, you'll be able to change it.

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