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Do you identify repeated patterns in your life?, do you have unhealthy behaviours?, do you attract the same type of partners?, do you have a disease that no matter what you try, it remains there with you?. These and other conflicts are not actually your “fault”, but they are unconsciously inherited problems from your family tree/transgenerational. Whether you like it or not, each one of us was born into this physical plane through a family tree. It’s no coincidence that you are in the family where you are. You came here for specific reasons, and it’s thanks to your family and your ancestors that you are able to know them and also to know you. We are faithful to many of the stories of our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, great-grandparents at an "unconscious" level, without wanting to and also, some times, without even knowing them. The study of the genealogical or transgenerational family tree is a methodology that allows us to find solutions to all these unconscious programs, to break unhealthy loyalties, to understand deeper meanings of our disease, and all is done through identifying unresolved conflicts, unresolved grieving, behavioural patterns,.. It is based on the existence of a family unconscious, which transmits information from one generation to another. The invisible family loyalties walk over the children and the descendants. We carry the tears not shed, family secrets, the mourning not made, the unconscious identifications. But we don’t need to carry that pain anymore. The family tree wants to talk and together we are going to listen to it. When we do it, we are healing ourselves and healing our ancestors. If they ever wanted anything for their descendants, was for them/you to be free, to have your own life and to be happy, maybe something that they were never able to have. Sessions are personal to your needs, and they last between 1 hour and 1 hour and a half. Appointments are online via Google Meet or through the phone. To book a session, please use the contact form that you'll find under the section "Contact", in the top of the page. Please check our Cancellations & Refund Policy before buying or booking any session. You can find them in the Terms & Conditions page. The list of prices can be found at:

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  • Glasgow, UK

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