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Here is a special thank you from my heart to someone who is, has been and will be special in my life. Our past and future are existing in this present moment, and in this forever (and also unique) time and space reality, all relantionships are eternal.

So I'd like to thank my family, my friends, my enemies, my adversaries, my lovers, my haters, my acquaintances, anyone who's had any contact with me and to myself. All of you are special because, somehow, all of you are helping me to grow, to expand, to know who I am and to know who I'm not, to know what I want and to know what I don't.


But this thank-you message wouldn't be authentic if I didn't include the part of me that didn't thank you at all, especially when I experienced a "negative" emotion (or how I prefer to call it, an uncomfortable emotion) during our time together. I'm talking about this part of me that isn't able to see what you're bringing into my life through the eyes of Source/God/Higher-Self/Universe and suffers. My human pain side. And I can't disregard it, as this is me too. So even though I'm able to understand the meaning of our interactions most of the time, and I can truly appreciate you and feel grateful for the experiences that you're bringing into my life, there'll be times where I might not feel it this way.

Hence, my most honest thank-you message, is telling you that whenever my human perception makes my heart aching when I'm with you, I'll try my best to feel the discomfort inside me that you're making me aware of. I'll try my best to work my way on seeing the big picture, so that when you hear me saying thank you, only an authentic thank you will be what you'll get.


So thank you, my nemesis. And thank you, my soulmate.


Thank you always. With love,




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