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  • Glasgow

Service Description

Healing comes through the path of authenticity and integration. Probably most of us have suppressed, rejected, denied, disowned and ignored some aspects of us that didn’t fit within our families, society, school and the world itself. They threatened our own survival and connection with the people who we loved, cared about and/or that we depended on. These aspects haven’t gone away. Instead, they have become part of our unconscious. They’re here with us, crying out for us to pay attention to them. And they keep manifesting in our lives from this unconscious level, putting us in situations where we keep feeling “negative” emotions, where we feel that we have no control of our lives, and where we end up perpetuating the cycle as we don’t do what they would like us to do: to see them, to acknowledge them and to feel them. Why don’t we do it? Because they are too uncomfortable or painful to feel. But it’s precisely the resistance to all of them that keep us suffering. When we do Shadow Work, I help you from this supportive, respectful and loving way, to become who you really are by understanding your shadows and by giving a voice to them. We don’t help us by forcing light into the dark. That just amplifies this rejection towards ourselves. We help our own self when we understand the dark. And this brings the light organically. Sessions are personal to your needs, and they last between 1 hour and 1 hour and a half. Appointments are online via Google Meet or through the phone. To book a session, please use the contact form that you'll find under the section "Contact", in the top of the page. Please check our Cancellations & Refund Policy before buying or booking any session. You can find them in the Terms & Conditions page. The list of prices can be found at:

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  • Glasgow, UK

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