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Service Description

The symptom is the doorway to healing. Our body doesn’t do things by chance or by mistake. It acts the way it does in order to help us to survive. If it develops something (or if it stops producing something), it’s because this is its way to keep us alive, with less stress, and as healthy, balanced and protected as possible. But why would our body start following a path of disease instead of keeping on the path of health?. Because at some point in our life (including conception, pregnancy, birth and maybe other lifetimes), we experienced something that changed the instructions for our cells. This caused an impact within us simultaneously in our body, brain, psyche and energy field. And this would give a new message to the cells to go in another direction, which is what we now “see” as a symptom or disease. To understand this better, let me give you this example: imagine this man, working under the sun the whole day, and he ends up getting sunburn. This is not the body going against him or manifesting red skin (maybe blisters) just because. This is the way that his body has to protect his skin from the damage from the UV. Now, in the same way, someone who needs more time, who wants to slow down time, might develop hypothyroidism, as that would be her/his body’s way to help on that conflict. Thanks to Biodecoding, we can access to the specific moment in the subconscious mind where the instructions for our cells were modified. Unlike other therapies (where they only work on 1 or 2 levels), we work on 4 levels at the same time, as all is connected (symptom, psyche, brain and energy field). We get into the root of the conflict, into our cells and true feelings. And once we understand why it all began, and why our body is acting the way it is, there’s no reason for the body to keep the symptom. And so real and lasting healing, takes place. I've been trained as Biodecoding Coach at The Biodecoding Institute. I work using the Biodecoding protocols to help you in your healing journey. Sessions are personal to your needs, and they last between 1 hour and 1 hour and a half. Appointments are online via Google Meet or through the phone. To book a session, please use the contact form that you'll find under the section "Contact", in the top of the page. Please check our Cancellations & Refund Policy before buying or booking any session. You can find them in the Terms & Conditions page. The list of prices can be found at:

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  • Glasgow, UK

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